Delivery Model

The MBA program at Royal Roads University is designed to meet the needs of today’s working professionals. Offered in a blended format consisting of online courses and two short on-campus residencies, the program allows you to benefit from the synergy of on-campus learning and direct interaction with leading faculty members and colleagues, while still meeting the demands of your career and personal life. The entire program can be completed in 18 or 31 months.

How is the MBA program designed?

Before arriving on campus, you’ll meet your cohort online and begin building your skills in writing, critical thinking and accounting in preparation for your first residency at Royal Roads.


The first residency is an immersive experience designed to prepare you for success. In the three-week period on campus, you’ll work closely with your colleagues and instructors in team settings and create relationships that will support you in your studies online. The residency is an intense period of studies and collaboration that allows you to become aware of both your own and your cohort’s strengths, skills, and knowledge. It sets the foundation for the online learning sessions in between residencies.


After your first residency, you’ll continue your learning online together with your cohort in an extended learning community. The cohort model provides the support and encouragement you need to stay on track and complete the program on schedule. In the MBA program, you’ll complete ten online courses that last nine weeks each, with a two-week break between terms. Students who are taking the 18-month program will take two online courses at a time, while students who are taking the 31-month program will take one online course per term.

The courses are designed to give you new skills and knowledge that can be applied in your current work and organization, and allow you to advance your career. For example, you’ll learn how to manage projects and work effectively with other team members in an online, distributed environment. You’ll gain new insights and perspectives from your classmates who are working in a variety of organizations across Canada and around the world.

The online courses emphasize the key skills that employers have highlighted as important for progress in the 21st-century environment - the ability to think critically and creatively to solve problems, the ability to use technology effectively, the ability to research and manage information, the ability to work effectively on a team, and the ability to communicate clearly. In the online sessions, you’ll complete your core program courses, your specialization courses, and your Organizational Management Project (OMP).


The program ends with a capstone residency that brings the cohort back together on campus for a 2.5-week immersive hands-on experience designed to help you integrate and apply your learning. You’ll be exposed to new and emerging creative problem-solving tools and techniques to address real-world business and management challenges.

Working in teams you’ll have the opportunity to engage with company clients to help them identify and address internal and external organizational challenges. You’ll learn and apply design thinking and innovation strategies to help company clients think beyond traditional approaches, and gain new skills you can apply to your own organization and career.

Organizational Management Project (OMP)

The OMP allows you to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program to a research project in an area of interest to you or your organization. The OMP offers an opportunity to gain insight into other organizations within your current field or explore an organization or issue in a field that may be new to you. You can gain new skills and knowledge to advance your career or apply your expertise to help a non-profit become more effective.

The organizational management project is far more than just a final exam or paper for a course. This project gives you the opportunity to apply learning from the entire program in a real-world situation. The recommendations you’ll develop from the research will have important and relevant implications for the organizations you’ll be collaborating with. This project will allow you to meaningfully contribute to a topic that is tailored to your interests.


Royal Roads MBA program offers an extensive list of specialization options that allow you to personalize your learning and gain professional credentials and knowledge that support your career and personal plans. You have the opportunity to earn a dual credential of the Royal Roads MBA plus a professional graduate certificate by completing one of Royal Roads University Graduate Certificates programs as a specialization option.

You can complete one of Royal Roads Graduate Certificate programs before the MBA program and utilize the credits in the MBA program through transfer. Alternatively, you can complete your specialization option during the program and utilize the credits earned through direct recognition of the Graduate Certificates as a specialization in the MBA program. 

For more information, please connect with an enrolment advisor, please email, or call 1.877.778.6227.