Technological requirements

Three students work on laptops at table in Sherman Jen Building.

You can study at Royal Roads from anywhere in the world. Before you begin your program, make sure you have the technology and tools you need to succeed.

You'll need a reliable computer connected to the internet for your online courses. You'll also need full permission to change configurations and install programs on your computer. For example, work, library or other public access computers may not allow you to install programs or connect to campus Wi-Fi.

Basic knowledge

You should have a basic understanding of:

  • your computer
  • browsers
  • Microsoft Office applications

We recommend taking a basic computer course. You can also find free basic online tutorials.

Computer requirements

While the capability of tablets has expanded over the past few years, a desktop or laptop computer is recommended for coursework.

Review a comprehensive list of computer hardware and software requirements for Royal Roads courses.

It includes recommendations about the following:

  • computer operating systems, processors and memory
  • programs
  • internet browsers and service
  • email service
  • microphones and webcams
  • hardware
  • cloud storage
  • mobile devices and apps

Corporate or workplace laptops

We don't recommend using a corporate-owned or workplace laptop, unless you have full access (or can get full access) to make changes.

Some corporate laptops have restrictions that will prevent you from making changes to network or software settings. In some cases you'll need to make changes to your DNS or browsers, so you can connect to our wireless network.

Browser access

If you plan to access your course through your employer's network, check with the IT department in your workplace to confirm computer and network access.

  • Chrome and Firefox: Recommended browsers for coursework
  • Safari: Not recommended.
  • Internet Explorer: No longer supported. If Internet Explorer is the only browser allowed on your workplace computer, you won't be able to access your course information while you are at work.