Ways to pay

We try to make paying as painless as possible. Start by choosing a payment method that works best for you.

Pay online by credit card

You can use VISA, MasterCard or American Express

  • Note we are unable to accept Visa Debit online at this time.

Here's how to pay by credit card:

  • Go to your MyAdmin page.
  • Follow the steps to enter secure credit card payments.
  • Note that a convenience fee of 1.75% applies to all payments made by credit card.

Pay online through your Canadian bank account

Here's how to pay through your bank account:

  • Add 'Royal Roads University' as a payee in your online banking.
  • Use your six-digit student number as your account number.
  • Pay as you would any bill.

Note that online banking payments can take up to two days to process.

Pay online from outside Canada

Payments from outside of Canada are available through PayMyTuition. You can make payments in your local currency from any bank and any country, with better exchange rates than at banking institutions.

Find more information about international payments.

Pay by cheque

Here's how to send a cheque by mail:

  • Write your cheque to Royal Roads University.
  • Write your name and student number on the cheque.
  • Mail to:

Student Accounts
Royal Roads University
2005 Sooke Road
Victoria BC V9B 5Y2

We prefer payment by debit card, credit card, money order or cheque. But if you do need to bring cash, we can accept up to $500 CAD per term.

How much to pay

  • Check the payment schedule for your program. (Note that your tuition fees could change without notice.)
  • Check your email for your monthly tuition invoice.
  • Check your MyAdmin account to make sure you know the right amount.
  • You can pay your tuition and other fees in full per year or in installments. An installment fee applies if you choose that option.

When to pay

  • Refer to your invoice for the stated due date
  • Pay your full tuition and fees amount on or before the day it’s due.
  • Overdue invoices will be charged a late fee per occurrence.

If you’ve paid too much or have another credit, we’ll put that money toward your next invoice. If you don’t have other payments due, you can request a refund from Student Accounts.

How to prove you’ve paid

Here's how to get proof that you have paid:

  • Check your account balance through your MyAdmin page.
  • Download your statement of account from MyAdmin.
  • Find and print your receipts through the MyPayments section of MyAdmin.
  • If you pay through MyAdmin, you’ll get a receipt automatically by email.
  • If you pay through the Student Accounts department, give us two business days to email your receipt.

Tuition and Fees Deferral Requests (Student Loans & Approved Funding)

If you have an approved student loan or other approved funding you may request a penalty-free deferral of tuition and fees. If your request is approved, the fees must be paid, but at a later date.

Eligible approved funding includes:

  • Student Loans: Approved for Financial Assistance through BC or another province.  Deferral may be approved for up to 30 days past the original due date; or
  • Other Funding: Approved for SSHRC, NSERC or CIHR research grant recipients. Deferral may be approved for up to 60 days past the original due date.
How to apply for a fee deferral
  • Submit a tuition deferral form to studentaccounts@royalroads.ca
  • Attach proof of approved funding showing disbursements dates and funding amounts (e.g. a Notice of Assessment for StudentAid BC borrowers, a screenshot of a loan summary for OSAP)
  • Fee deferrals must be submitted prior to each affected tuition installment is due

Applications missing proof of funding will not be processed. 

Major project/thesis course installment payment option

You can pay by installment for courses that meet the following requirements:

  • involve a major project or thesis
  • exceed eight credits
  • take longer than six months to complete

To sign up for the payment plan option, complete the Major Project/Thesis Course Payment Option Enrolment Form and submit to studentaccounts@royalroads.ca prior to your invoice due date.

Installment payment options

Course length

Payment option


6–9 months

Tuition paid in three equal installments, due one month apart, with the first due date on the 21st of the month before the course start date.

Course runs Oct 15 to Apr 15: First payment due Sep 21 Second payment due Oct 21 Third payment due Nov 21

9–12 months

Tuition paid in three equal installments, due two months apart, with the first due date on the 21st of the month before the course start date.

Course runs Oct 15 to Sep 30: First payment due Sep 21 Second payment due Nov 21 Third payment due Jan 21

*An enrolment fee applies to the Major Project/Thesis course payment options.

What happens if you can’t pay

It’s a bit awkward, but yes, you need to keep your payments up to date. Even if someone else is sponsoring your tuition, it's your responsibility to make sure your account is current. We charge a penalty fee for every overdue invoice, late payment or insufficient cheque.

We’ll do as much as we can to help you find ways to clear your debts with the university. But we also reserve the right to withhold services or ask that you withdraw from your program if your debts remain.

Our Credit and Collection Policy explains how you'll need to pay for any debts you owe us, and what we’ll do if we need to collect on overdue accounts.

To learn more about refunds, see our Tuition Deposit Refund Policy, and Tuition and Ancillary Fees Refund Policy.

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