International travel support

Keeping you safe

Royal Roads students who are travelling abroad on university business automatically qualify for travel support through International SOS, a global network of doctors, nurses and security experts.

Through International SOS, you can access travel, medical and emergency assistance 24 hours a day. Call one of their worldwide assistance centres or visit their website.

International SOS is not travel insurance.

Students who don't have travel insurance coverage will need to purchase some before travelling.

International SOS services

Before you travel

International SOS can help you with travel preparations.

They can provide information such as:

  • medical — vaccinations, illness, quality of local healthcare, recommended precautions
  • security — areas to avoid, recommended behaviour, advice on a specific situation, level and types of risks, political situation
  • trip planning — transportation, accommodation, local customs, currency, telecommunications

Examples of questions you could ask International SOS:

  • What medication should I take with me?
  • Are there any customs restrictions I should know?
  • Can I discuss a mental health concern with a doctor?
  • My flight arrives at night in a city considered to have some travel risks. What do I do?

While you're travelling

International SOS provides the following kinds of emergency help and information while you're abroad:

  • medical — emergency advice, doctor referral, coordination of treatment and payments, evacuation to another hospital, email alert about health risks in area
  • security — emergency advice, help with lost/stolen passport, evacuation to safety, email alert about risks in area

Examples of reasons you might call International SOS:

  • You have stomach pains and want to consult a doctor.
  • You learned through the local media there are incidents of civil unrest and you want to know how to react.

In case of emergency

Call International SOS any time of day or night at 215.942.8478.

Be ready to provide:

  • your first and last names
  • International SOS membership number 27ASCA842970
  • confirmation you are travelling on behalf of Royal Roads University
  • phone number where you can be reached
  • reason for your call
International SOS wallet-sized card.