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Brian Parrott


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Brian Parrott worked in provincial and federal governments and the private sector for more than 35 years. While with Global Affairs Canada, he held progressively senior diplomatic assignments in Japan, the U.S., Ottawa, the U.K and India. He represented Canada and advocated for Canadian international commercial interests. He began his career in the BC Government with an ADM appointment. While there, he worked on economic development policies and projects, including sustainable development management practices. This background shaped his interest in research on predicting and understanding trends and events, and how these changes impact business and government alike.


Parrott has extensive experience advocating Canadian commercial interests to the highest levels of foreign governments and corporations, thereby learning the essentials of preparation, research and strategy. He has extensive human and financial management experience running multi-national and multi-disciplinary teams from 10 to 200, in multiple locations. Parrott also was the lead for promoting Canada’s business and investment interests at two successive Olympic Games (Vancouver and London).


Parrott received his Bachelor of Arts with a focus on economics and political science in 1977, and his Master of Public Administration (thesis topic: Economics of State Owned Shipping - for mineral and coal trans-pacific shipping) in 1980, both from the University of Victoria. Parrott was also honoured with the Global Affairs Canada Deputy Minister’s Award for Olympic Programming in Vancouver (2010) and the Global Affairs Canada Deputy Minister’s Citation for Management (1999) for successfully integrating trade and investment into a staff housing project in Tokyo.