Campus learning spaces

As a Royal Roads student, you have access to space on campus to support your learning.

Breakout rooms

These small rooms are available to book two hours at a time, seven days a week. Study on your own or work with classmates.

Breakout room locations:

  • Library
  • Grant and Nixon buildings
  • Sequoia Building



Some classrooms can be booked two hours at a time, evenings and weekends. You can use the audio-visual equipment available.

To book a classroom, request access through your program's support staff.

Computer labs

You can use computer labs to access computers, printers and copiers.

All computers have standard software installed. Some labs offer specialized software, like Minitab and Adobe Creative Suite (exclusively on Mac computers).

Computer lab locations:

  • Library
  • Sequoia Building

Study/laptop carrels

You can work in a study or laptop carrel. You can find them in the following buildings:

  • Grant Building (back entrance)
  • Library
  • Sherman Jen Building