International credential evaluation

If you are submitting transcripts for education completed outside of Canada, your application must include an international credit evaluation report.

Education systems differ across the world. This evaluation is needed to determine how your education and grades compares to Canada. It also verifies your academic documentation.

Have your international education evaluated by an approved service

You can use an approved credential evaluation service to have your credentials evaluated.

Recognized credential evaluation services

We only accept official evaluation reports from the following services:

If you choose to have your evaluation done by one of these services, you also need to submit your unofficial copies of your credentials (transcripts and diploma/degree certificates) to Royal Roads as part of your application.

Have your international education evaluated by Royal Roads University

We can evaluate your credentials here. You will need to:

  • Pay a credential evaluation fee to Royal Roads.
  • Submit official* copies of your credentials (transcripts and diploma/degree certificates).
  • Provide literal (word for word) translations if your original credentials are not in English.

We may contact institutions or individuals who submitted a reference on your behalf to evaluate your credentials.

If you choose to have us evaluate your credentials, we will only use it for your application to Royal Roads. We do not produce copies of this report for you or for others.

*To be considered official, transcripts and other documents must be sent directly to us by an authorized office within the issuing institution. You may provide these documents yourself if they are sealed in the original unopened envelope.