We’ve been changemaking from the start.

We're different in how we teach, learn and research. We’ve put interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary discovery at the heart of all our programs.

We’ve looked for answers from many perspectives. We create the trust, safety and encouragement that lets innovation thrive.

Solving even the most complex problems is possible. It takes creativity, caring and courage. And the inspiration to take action.

We call these innovations changemaking.

Changemakers Speakers' Series

We've invited some of today's innovative and influential thinkers to share their ideas in a series of free virtual events. Hosted by Royal Roads University President Philip Steenkamp, speakers discuss topics like populism, climate change and diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Cascade Institute at Royal Roads

A new research institute launched at Royal Roads in 2020.

Led by Adj. Prof. Thomas Homer-Dixon, the Cascade Institute is home to researchers who tackle complex, tangled global problems like pandemics, climate change and social and economic injustice. 

The ResiliencebyDesign lab

The ResiliencebyDesign lab at Royal Roads works alongside youth and adults as changemakers and leaders to imagine new possibilities for climate action. Using the power of the arts, storytelling and social innovation, we seed partnerships and ideas for a more resilient future.

Collaborating for change

Together, our faculty, students and community rethink the way things are and find better ways to live in the world.

Whether you’re a full-time student, a working professional or a lifelong learner, you can be an agent of positive change.

Ashoka U logo

AshokaU Changemaker Campus

The AshokaU Changemaker Campus network is a dynamic, global community of more than 40 universities and colleges committed to changemaking at their school and beyond.

AshokaU saw what we were up to, and named us a Changemaker Campus in 2017, the leading designation for social innovation in higher education.