Learning, Teaching & Research Model

Our approach to learning, teaching and research

It’s a tall order to create an educational approach that inspires people with the courage to transform the world. But that’s what we've done.

Our Learning, Teaching and Research Model explains how – and why – we do things the way we do. It also supports the decisions we make in the classroom, in our programs and in the wider world.

Our LTRM guides us as we live our values: applied and authentic, caring and community-based, and transformational.

Applied and authentic

We see our university as a network of global citizens. We're unique, passionate, determined lifelong learners, up for the hands-on challenges we face. Our flexible, individualized approach lets you apply your learning, and learn from your experiences. Our model challenges you to tackle complex, real-life problems by learning to connect ideas from diverse perspectives.

Caring and community-based

We learn from each other's unique experiences. Our model encourages our whole community to foster this learning with creativity, dialogue and debate. At any age, at any stage of your learning, you'll know you're at a university that values you.


We embrace innovation, and we respect tradition. We seek to make the world a better place by solving difficult problems — something we call changemaking. Our model encourages us all to reflect on our own impact, and on how we can do better — for everyone's benefit.

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You can download our Learning, Teaching and Research Model to find out more about its foundations and goals.