For those of you who have reached this milestone in your academic journey, well done!

Here's what you need to know as you prepare to graduate from Royal Roads University.

You've met the requirements

You need to meet the following requirements before you graduate:

  • You've completed the required and elective courses for your program, as well as total credit requirements and minimum GPA requirements.
  • Your final grades have been received by the Registrar's Office several weeks before the Academic Council meeting when your degree will be conferred.
  • You've paid any outstanding balances owing to the university — the Registrar’s Office will not release your parchment until all balances are paid.

You're awarded a credential

Graduation is the official process of having your academic credential (diploma, certificate or degree) conferred. This takes place at an Academic Council meeting.

The meetings are held five times per year (generally in February, May, July, October and December) and are not open to students.

How it works

  1. The Registrar’s office automatically assesses the student records that appear to be eligible for graduation at the next Academic Council meeting.
  2. We work with the program offices, confirm completion of requirements and prepare a list of students eligible for graduation for Academic Council.
  3. Academic Council and the chancellor confirms academic credentials.

You have an opportunity to celebrate at Convocation

Royal Roads hosts semi-annual convocation celebrations in June and November. This is your chance to celebrate (online or in person) with your classmates, faculty, family and friends.

You are eligible to attend the next convocation ceremony after your graduation at Academic Council:

  • If you graduate in December, February or May, you may attend the June convocation.
  • If you graduate in July or October, you may attend the November convocation.

If you're unable to attend your scheduled convocation ceremony, you may request to attend the next convocation immediately following.

You receive your parchment

We'll mail or courier you your parchment after the Academic Council meeting. This is the official document issued by Royal Roads University that certifies that you have completed your program and grants you a new credential.

Parchments are not handed out at convocation ceremonies.

Make sure your address is up to date in your MyAdmin account. You'll receive automatic reminders when your credential is conferred.

Name change?

The legal name you declare when you apply to your program is what will be printed on your parchment.

If you have a legal name change or need to correct your name contact the Registrar's office as soon as possible.

Your online RRU accounts

You'll normally have access to your RRU email account for two weeks after your convocation ceremony date. You'll continue to have access to your MyAdmin account forever. Keep your login details for your records.

Read the academic regulations

Read academic regulations about graduation, parchments and convocation.