Visiting students

Four students walking on the Inner Harbour footpath in Victoria.

Your international experience starts at Royal Roads

Undergraduate students from outside Canada can join us at Royal Roads as a visiting student.

You'll spend one or two semesters on our beautiful ocean-side campus and experience life in Canada.


First, ask your university if we have a partnership with your school. We partner with universities around the world, and yours might be one of them.

If we don't have a partnership with your university, you can still study with us. You can enrol at Royal Roads as a visiting student.

Becoming a visiting student

You'll need to apply to become a visiting student at Royal Roads. Ask us for the application form.

We'll look to see that you:

  1. meet the English-language and academic requirements for the program you're interested in
  2. are enrolled in a bachelor's degree program at a recognized institution
  3. are in good academic standing

Plan your studies

As a visiting Royal Roads student, you can take third- and fourth-year courses in these undergraduate programs:


Your costs to be a visiting student at Royal Roads:

  • tuition
  • ancillary fees, including application fee, U-Pass and four-month term rate for student services, learning support and Student Association (for undergrads)
  • cost of living