Multi-faith spaces


A place to practice your spirituality and faith

For quiet reflection, prayer and spiritual practice on campus, our Chapel and Inter-faith Room are available 24 hours a day.

The atmosphere of both is peaceful, quiet and meditative. To keep it that way, the rooms should not be used as a lounge, study space or meeting room.

The Chapel

With its wooden pews and stained glass windows, the Chapel is a warm and nurturing space for spiritual practice. It was constructed during Royal Roads' military days.

Location: Grant Building, second floor

After-hours access: 250.391.2525

The Interfaith Room

Open to all forms of spiritual practice, the Royal Interfaith Room is at the end of a quiet hallway with windows overlooking trees and shrubs.

The space is kept empty, but you are welcome to bring prayer mats and other accessories. Please do not fix anything to the wall or leave items behind. The use of fire, including lit candles or incense, is not permitted. A washroom is nearby.

If you have a special need to reserve the Interfaith Room, contact Student Services.

Location: Nixon Building, room 110 on the main floor

After-hours access: 250.391.2525