Submitting your supporting documents

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After you submit your online application, you need to prepare your supporting documents.

Supporting documents include your academic documents such as transcripts and may also include a resume, personal statement, writing sample and reference letters, depending on the program you applied to.

Note: All required documents for your selected program must be submitted before we can make an admissions decision.

Preparing and submitting your documents

Step 1: Review the application requirements for your program

Application requirements vary from program to program. Check the application requirements on your program page to find out what you need to submit.

Here is a list of RRU's programs to help you find your specific program page. Be sure to address all questions and instructions listed in the requirements.

Step 2: Prepare your documents     

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Step 3: Upload your documents

Before uploading, check that your documents meet the requirements listed above. When you are all set, sign in to MyAdmin and follow the link to access the GO.RRU document portal.

Note: If you just submitted your online application, it may take a few days for us to activate your access to the portal. Admissions will email you when access is ready.

How we manage your documents

Once we receive your documents, they become the property of Royal Roads University. We will not forward them to third parties. Documents submitted by third parties in support of your application will typically not be shared with you.

To protect your privacy, we will destroy documents not connected with an active application within 30 days of receipt. We will destroy documents related to a closed or cancelled application after one year of the closure/cancellation.

Additional important information

Royal Roads University reserves the right to request and/or confirm any information necessary to support an application for admission. The submission of false statements and/or documents, or the failure to disclose relevant information, will result in the immediate and permanent cancellation of admission and/or registration to Royal Roads University without refund.

In keeping with the Learning, Teaching & Research Model, applicants must show the potential to work in a collaborative, respectful manner with staff, faculty, and students. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission, and the university reserves the right to deny any applicant. Abusive or disrespectful correspondence from applicants will not be tolerated.