Counselling & learning strategy

Life can be complicated. This is especially true when you're juggling your life with your learning.

To support you during difficult times, Royal Roads University offers free, confidential counselling and learning strategy services.

You can get one-time support or short-term ongoing counselling (usually up to five sessions). We offer services to you, wherever you are — in person, over the phone or on Zoom.

Make an appointment

Use one of the following options to book a counselling appointment:

  • Book an appointment using our online booking system.
  • Phone 250.391.2600 ext. 4515 or toll free 1.800.788.8028 (ask for "Counselling Services").
  • Email us.

Prior to your first appointment, please familiarize yourself with our confidentiality and informed consent statement.

If you need an appointment urgently or outside of hours available in the online booking system, email us directly.

Get help now

If you need help now contact one of the following crisis services:

What kinds of services are available?


Check out our upcoming wellness workshops under "student event", and find past recorded workshops on this RRU YouTube channel playlist.

Here's a self-guided mindfulness and grounding exercise that can be fit into your unique schedule.


Counsellors use a variety of counselling tools and techniques. You can book an appointment with a counsellor to discuss whatever's on your mind. Common topics include the following:

  • anxiety and stress management
  • depression
  • loss or grief
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • family challenges or transitions
  • relationship issues
  • group dynamics and interpersonal skills
  • sexual or physical abuse or assault
  • substance abuse and addictions
  • identity

If you've experienced an incident of sexual violence you can get help. We can provide emotional support and assist with reporting an incident upon request.

Learning strategy

Counsellors can also suggest learning strategies to support your wellbeing and academic success.

First, the strategist will look at your current study habits and identify any challenges or barriers to your learning. After this, you'll work together to create a plan, which may include strategies for the following:

  • learning or studying
  • moving ahead with a major project, if you're stuck
  • time management
  • stress management
  • exam preparation
  • presentation skills

Letters of consideration

If you're experiencing unexpected stressful circumstances (such as the loss of a family member or friend, a family health issue), you might need extra flexibility from your instructors for completing one or two assignments.

In these temporary situations, if you're not comfortable explaining your situation to an instructor, a counsellor may write a letter of consideration.

The letter will request that your instructor consider your circumstances compassionately. You may then work with the counsellor and instructor to develop a plan for completing your work.

Learn more about this and other accessibility accommodations.


Royal Roads has a team of trained counsellors and some contract counsellors who can support you.

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