International payments

If you're an international student or you're living outside of Canada during your studies, you can pay your Royal Roads University fees using PayMyTuition.

Through this service you can:

  • pay your fees from any bank in any currency
  • receive better exchange rates than at banking institutions
  • track your payments
  • get customer support in many languages

How to make a payment

  1. Visit PayMyTuition.
  2. Select the amount in CAD that you want to pay to Royal Roads University.
  3. Select the country you are paying from.
  4. Select a payment method, such as bank transfer, debit or credit cards in your home currency, or other local options.
  5. Fund your transaction — transfer your funds within 48 hours through online banking or a branch deposit.
  6. Track and confirm your payment.

Contact PayMyTuition

If you have questions about the service contact PayMyTuition.