Registrar's Office services

While you focus on your learning, we take care of the paperwork

The Registrar's Office looks after:

We look after your registration

Once you are accepted as a student and have paid any necessary tuition deposits, we enrol you in the courses for your program.

We will update your records when your program office lets us know that you have withdrawn from or failed a course, or if you change your academic plan.

We look after your grades

You work hard to earn your grades. We document them all on your official transcript.

We'll also keep you in the loop about your grades. If your grade point average drops below a minimum, we'll send you a reminder. We want to make sure you meet the required academic standards to continue in your program and graduate.

If you're an undergraduate, expect to hear from us if your weighted grade point average is below C or 2.0. If you're a graduate student, we'll let you know if you're falling beneath a B or 3.0.  

We keep track of the rules

You'll hear from us if anything comes up that could affect your status as a student. We keep track of the academic regulations, which cover:

  • credit and registration
  • student status
  • attendance
  • grades
  • the grade appeal process

Help us find you

Things change. You need to update your records in MyAdmin if you:

  • move or get a new phone number
  • get a new email address

If anything else changes, keep in touch with us, and with your program office. We work together to make sure your academic records are up to date.