Campus security

We want you to be safe at Royal Roads University. Our Campus Security staff are here to help you anytime, anywhere on campus.

Commissionaires provide security services on campus. Their uniforms and vests are a consistent colour and style with other first responders.

First aid and emergencies

For serious injuries or medical emergencies call 911 first.

The first aid station is located at trailer 11 between Grant and Nixon. Contact Campus Security for first aid for minor injuries. They are all qualified first aid attendants.

Call for help

Call Campus Security if you feel unsafe, witness something concerning or need first aid.

Phone 250.391.2525 or dial 2525 from any campus phone.

Use a blue emergency phone with a direct line to Campus Security in the following locations:

  • at the entrance to the Central Parking lot
  • at the east entrance to the Grant Building
  • between the Boat House and Sneq'wa e'lun

Safe walk

If you are working or studying late on campus you can ask Campus Security to walk with you or provide a ride between parking lots and buildings.

The CARE Team

You can also email Royal Roads University's CARE Team if you're concerned about the overall safety or well-being of yourself or another student.

The CARE Team will assess, refer and respond to any students who are demonstrating emotional distress or concerning behaviour.

On-leash on campus

Dogs visiting Royal Roads property, including trails, must be on a leash at all times. CRD Animal Care Officers regularly patrol the campus to ensure dogs are on-leash.

Emergency preparedness

The effects of accidents, emergencies and disasters can be minimized if everyone knows what to do in times of crisis.

Here are a few resources to help you stay prepared:

  • Read our Major events page to learn how to plan for the unexpected, and get informed about campus closure information, power outages, emergency wardens and more. 
  • Bookmark our Muster station emergency evacuation map, which shows where to assemble on campus in an emergency and what routes to take to evacuate campus.
  • Have a look at our emergency preparedness and response plans.

Lost and found

Campus Security manages the campus lost and found. Email or visit our office in Millward.

Other Campus Security services

Campus Security patrol the campus 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

They also provide many other services on campus including the following:

  • check-in services for on-campus accommodation (after hours or when the Welcome Desk is closed)
  • building access and lockup
  • closed circuit TV monitoring
  • public information
  • site and building integrity
  • traffic and parking services and enforcement
  • communication with municipal and military police


Campus Security is on the ground floor of the Millward building. See the campus map.


Contact Campus Security:

  • phone 250.391.2525 or dial 2525 from any campus phone
  • call us directly from any blue emergency phone
  • email us