Delivery models

University your way

Your life-changing journey at Royal Roads can take different paths.

Our varied delivery models let you earn certificates, diplomas and degrees while continuing your regular life.

You can choose a program that lets you dig into your studies in short intense bursts. Or you can take it slower to absorb ideas at your own pace. And you can even do both.

Online delivery

We're experts at online learning. Learning technology specialists design our online courses and experienced instructors teach them.

Courses run regularly and last from a few weeks to a few months. Our online programs can be completed in anywhere from less than one year to as much as seven years, depending on the program and your own pace.

The online learning experience provides flexibility. You'll have the option to participate in live, real-time sessions as well as asynchronous sessions. We also give you course information, readings, recorded presentations and forums that let you complete each course around your own daily schedule.

Blended delivery

Our blended delivery programs are like online ones, with one key difference: they also immerse you in brief virtual or on-campus residencies.

You might dive in with a single residency at the start of your program. Or reconnect with your cohort colleagues over as many as three residencies. Either way, you'll spend your residency time deep in classes, conversations and connections. And expect to do homework every night!

On-campus programs

On-campus programs usually take one or two years to complete. That means you have plenty of chances to see our lovely campus and gardens.

You’ll still do some coursework online, but you’ll also come to campus every day. You'll attend classes, connect with your cohort colleagues and speak with your instructors. And get to know our friendly campus peacocks.