Evaluation & participation

We want you to succeed

We want to help you gain as much as possible from your time at Royal Roads.


We'll help you find opportunities for growth, and to excel in the methods you have already refined.

We use multiple ways to assess your work:

  • presentations
  • written assignments
  • mid-term and final exams
  • homework
  • team evaluations
  • self evaluations
  • projects
  • quizzes
  • class participation
  • attendance

Each instructor will use their own method to evaluate your progress. You can expect feedback meant to help you build skills throughout a course.

Your final mark is usually a combination of grades from several smaller projects you will complete during each course.


You'll get the most of your studies when you engage. It helps build critical thinking skills for your studies and life.

We encourage your participation and contributions, by writing and by speaking, depending on your comfort level:

  • ask questions
  • join in discussions
  • share your perspectives and points of view
  • contribute your ideas in the virtual or on-campus classroom

Your preferences for how you do this might evolve over the course of your study.

Join the conversation

At Royal Roads, learning is a conversation, and you are an essential part of it. Part of your grade in most courses will come from your contribution and participation.

As part of a community of people who are learning together, your perspective counts. That's why your instructors will encourage you to share your opinions, thoughts and comments. You bring a unique perspective to our academic environment, and we want to hear it.

Ask questions

Ask questions. Look for clarification. Find out what you need to know. There's no such thing as a silly question — except the one that goes unasked.

There's a good chance that if you are wondering something, someone else is wondering the same thing. They'll be glad you had the courage to speak up. It helps everyone learn something.

Be open to people with different first languages

Although your classes and presentations will be in English, it's possible not everyone on your team or in your class will speak English as their first language. Royal Roads welcomes people from anywhere in the world and each member has unique strengths to offer.

Come to class

Your learning starts in the virtual or on-campus classroom, so you do need to show up for class. Your team and cohort are counting on you. You'll learn more and your grades are likely to be better.

Be part of your team

Your class cohort might be divided into smaller teams. You'll work with your team on assignments and projects, learning to solve problems together.

Your team will work with a team coach to help you find collaborative ways to reach your goals.