Charles Krusekopf


Program head, Master of Business Administration in Executive Management


Charles Krusekopf is a professor in the School of Business and Program Head of the MBA program. He is an academic entrepreneur with a focus on developing new academic programs and opportunities across a range of fields and locations around the globe.

At RRU he helped develop and lead the MBA in Executive Management, the Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Economic Development, the Master of Global Management, the MA and MSc in Environment and Management, the Asia Pacific Trade and Investment Graduate Certificate and dual degree programs with the Management Center Innsbruck and the Munich University of Applied Science.

He is the founder of the American Center for Mongolian Studies and has written and managed more than $6 million in grant projects from private foundations and government to support fellowships and academic programs such as the annual ACMS Mongolia Field School and research fellowships, Asian Studies development and training opportunities for Indigenous managers.


Krusekopf has a PhD in Economics from the University of Washington, an MA in International Relations and China Studies from Johns Hopkins School of International Studies and a BA in Economics and Management from Rice University. He completed the RRU Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, the Stanford Design Lab’s Life Design Studio program for educators and is a Design Your Life certified coach.

Krusekopf has worked in the past as a consultant with organizations including the World Bank, the Soros Foundation, the Albright Stonebridge Group, GLG, Fortune Magazine, the Office of the US Trade Representative and the US Department of State. He has served as a visiting professor at universities in Austria, Germany, and China, and was a Fulbright Lecturer in Mongolia. He teaches across a range of fields including international trade and the global political economy, international business strategy, environmental economics and policy, behavioural economics, Indigenous economic development and life design.

He writes on a variety of topics of interest, including business cases for Ivey Publishing and case journals, book chapters on innovative approaches to cross-border cooperation in online learning, Mongolia’s economic development and performance, the role Mongolia can play in energy cooperation in Northeast Asia and consulting reports on international innovation partnerships and policies for companies and government.


PhD in Economics

University of Washington

Master of Arts in Economics

University of Washington

Master of Arts in China Studies and International Relations

Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Managerial Studies

Rice University


Fulbright Fellowship