Program Description

Confidence and competence are two essential skills required to effectively manage and lead within the current global economy. A Master of Global Management (MGM) degree from Royal Roads University is a generalist program designed to develop these skills, and more, to ensure you are ready to manage across borders and bridge across cultures.

The MGM is an international business management degree designed specifically for professionals who want to perform with sensitivity and agility in the global workplace. We offer a practical program where you'll receive applied knowledge while creating connections with professionals from around the world. Graduates of this program are fully skilled, work-ready managers and leaders with a global perspective and cultural awareness and an understanding of the ways in which disciplines like accounting and law vary across global markets.

In the MGM program, you will be given the choice of completing the program through three applied completion options: Global Management Project, Internship Research Project, or Graduate Certificate in Project Management. All three options emphasize experiential learning – the application of business knowledge to real-word situations. You will develop a broad range of international business skills while learning to work effectively with individuals from other cultures, regions, and ideologies. The applied completion options require you to utilize all the learning and knowledge obtained throughout the program and this will leave you with an intelligent and informed perspective about the world of business. 

Who It's For

The MGM is a graduate-level international business education, and at a minimum, students will have:

  • An undergraduate degree
  • At least two years’ work experience
  • A keen curiosity about the world
  • The motivation to develop industry-recognized competencies in international business issues

This masters' program is designed as a launch platform for a globally oriented career. Graduates will be prepared to excel as:

  • An entry level position with a transnational corporation
  • An effective manager in a multi-cultural environment
  • A globally aware professional in a public or private organization
  • A director of international marketing or international business development for a small or medium enterprise
  • An entrepreneur with the ability to identify an international business opportunity, develop an international business plan, secure funding, and launch an international new venture
  • A social entrepreneur starting their own NGO or serving as a program officer offshore

Students requiring English language or academic upgrading may qualify for an MGM degree through our Pre-Master’s Program (PMP).


The MGM degree uses a holistic and integrative approach to deliver academic content and soft skills, such as self-awareness, problem solving, teamwork, and collaboration. At the end of your program, you’ll have hands-on experience with the graduate-level business skills and industry-recognized competencies required for success in today’s international business market.

Academic assessment in the MGM program focuses on international business skill and competency development. In addition to practical experience with the essential business skills needed to succeed in today's global market, you’ll learn and practice negotiation, risk assessment, persuasive communication, critical thinking, problem solving, active listening, effective rational and ethical decision-making, and much more - all through an international business lens.

The MGM program outcomes are informed by industry experts and are the basis for the design of each course and are used to assess your learning:

  • Communicate Effectively – communicate effectively through writing, speaking, presenting, interviewing and using computer-based media.
  • Think Critically – use a broad range of research methods and conceptual models to make judgments and draw conclusions.
  • Solve Problems – use a range of processes, models and approaches (quantitative and qualitative) to make deductions, and to identify sound potential solutions, goals and actions.
  • Work with Others - respect cultural diversity, share knowledge, work as members of a team and lead a team.
  • Innovation - recognize the need for innovation, initiate the process of generating innovation, assess the value of proposed ideas and solutions and implement innovations in an organization.
  • Think Globally - recognize and respect cultural differences, learn from outside their own culture and predict how their actions will interact with the environment in which their organizations operate.