Marcela Ponce Madariaga

Master of Global Management

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The MGM program moves you to believe in yourself.

“I was drawn to RRU’s Master of Global Management when I was looking for a program that focused on developing management skills and helped to create a Canadian network, especially in B.C. When I discovered this program was completely new, I was excited to be one of the founders for future generations. When I look at an MBA, I think of people who want new tools to empower their careers. In contrast, the MGM program moves you to believe in yourself, to choose what you want to be and to dream about an international career. This program teaches you how to think critically, how to overcome new challenges and how to build a network with different people.

The campus here at Royal Roads University is gorgeous. I like how the environment reminds us we are not alone, and that we must respect our ecosystems. Before taking this program, I encourage you to ask, ‘Do you want to face many cultures in the same place? Do you want to have class discussions about how relevant issues affect our lives and businesses? Do you want to walk around on one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada?’ Royal Roads University is a growing school with a prominent future.”