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January 01, 2020

Application deadline

Through the generosity of the Royal Bank of Canada Foundation, RBC Community Integrated Learning Grants will provide two grants of $5,000 this year to students who are completing a career learning and development (CLD) work term in the community of at least 420 hours with a small business (<10 full time employees), non-profit, or charitable organization that cannot otherwise provide wages or compensation.

Grant funding will be awarded to recipients in two stages: 75% at the start of the work term and 25% upon submission of a satisfactory Impact Report to the Financial Aid & Awards office. Award payments will be applied first as credit to any overdue tuition and fees.


  • enrolled in a RRU program requiring a CLD work term of at least 420 hours for graduation
  • completion of the grant application form to the satisfaction of a small business, non-profit or charitable organization offering a placement, and the WIL program office
  • agreement to conditions described in the application form
  • agreement to complete an Impact Report at the conclusion of the work term
  • preference given for students demonstrating leadership in overcoming personal challenges (e.g. first in the family to attend university, remote home community, former Child in Care, etc.).

How to apply

Contact your RRU Internship Advisor