12-Month On-Campus

This immersive, accelerated program is unique in that it offers years three and four of a conventional four-year business degree in 12 months. The total on-campus attendance is approximately 45 weeks. The on-campus BCom program isn't about getting a degree fast, but rather intensifying and accelerating the learning experience so that students can make their entrepreneurial impact sooner. Ambitious learners can approach the program like a business incubator/accelerator.

The calendar year is organized on a quarterly basis with each quarter approximately nine weeks long. The on-campus BCom program begins online with a required one-week preparation course, Bridge to BCom, and the first two of four weeks of Foundational Business Skills (FBS). The FBS course is designed to equip learners with the critical thinking, problem solving, communications, and team-work skills that will set students up for success throughout the remainder of the program and beyond.

Between each quarter, students participate in an Applied Business Challenge (ABC). ABCs are one week intensive hands-on learning experiences designed to help students integrate and apply key BCom course concepts and learnings. Students are exposed to various methodologies, tools, and approaches that enable them to identify and address real-world business challenges under time and resource constraints. Activities may include immersive case studies, client engagements, and business boot-camps.

The on-campus BCom culminates in the Capstone Project in the final quarter. The Capstone enables students to consolidate and leverage everything they have learned in the program in the pursuit of pitching and crafting a comprehensive business plan that thoughtfully addresses a significant business challenge or seizes a compelling market opportunity, and ultimately seeks to turn an idea into reality. Students gain feedback and insights from industry experts and other professionals as they finalize their pitches and refine their plans.