“I developed a new worldview that is sustainable and personally fulfilling.”

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Nicol Suhr, MA Environmental Education & Communication

Nicol Suhr

MA in Environmental Education and Communication


“I developed a new worldview that is sustainable and personally fulfilling.”

“I enjoyed the blended learning model practiced at Royal Roads University. The instructors were unique, knowledgeable and powerful people; bringing their interesting gifts of education to share with my co-learners. The online segments were diverse, but reflected the professors and their styles. The on-campus residences were each distinct, again reflective of the coursework, the professors and the different personalities and backgrounds of the members of my cohort. 

The project-based learning style was new to me as I came from a traditional scientific background, but I found it stretched my own understanding of how I learn, and I enjoyed working with my varied teams throughout the program.

I am walking in life differently now: personally, I have developed a new worldview that is more sustainable and fulfilling, and professionally I have been able to pursue leadership opportunities in which I can co-create systemic transformation. Prior to completion of my MA, I moved into educational leadership, and less than 10 months later, accepted a principalship of an innovative, community-centered school that specializes in environmental education. In addition, I am principal of an associated distributed learning school which uses a blended model of online and face-to-face project-based learning, not unlike Royal Roads' own model of education. I am thrilled that my personal educational opportunities are being recognized as valuable, and that my skills learned at Royal Roads are desired and celebrated in my professional life.

To anyone considering a program at RRU, my advice is: yes – do it!”

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