Andrew Young

Master of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication

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I felt the need to learn more in order to push myself forward.

“I could have slipped into the second half of my teaching career secure in my job but mired in mediocrity. I felt I needed to learn more in order to push myself forward. I was at the mid-point of my career as a teacher and felt a little stale, so I decided to challenge myself and spice things up. 

Royal Roads reinvigorated my passion for learning and challenged me to be a better educational practitioner. The experiences I developed for my students were born through the knowledge and skills I gained in my classes at Royal Roads. I was forced to examine my identity and make decisions about the person I was and who I wanted to become. RRU challenged me and encouraged me to make changes in my life.

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and its educational arm, Canadian Geographic Education, awarded me the inaugural Innovation in Teaching Geography Award in 2013. This national award is, in my mind, a direct result of my experiences at Royal Roads.”