Alexandra Graves

Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication

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Group work is an integral aspect of the curriculum and helps build necessary skills

“The BA in Professional Communication program is largely based in theory with practical writing courses. You need to see the value in academic courses to get the most benefit from this program. There was a professional experience course that provided relevant and practical information, as well as a professional portfolio course where we completed a multimedia model to demonstrate our professional capabilities. The program is condensed, so we covered a lot of material over a short period of time, and I found this appealing because I value my education but did not want to spend another four years in school to complete a program.

At Royal Roads, I learned just how influential the media is in shaping public opinion and discourse. Certain theories explored how language and imagery are powerful tools of persuasion. A vast majority of the theoretical classes related directly to my career objectives. They provided further context about the role of media in society, and thus gave me more of a meaningful perspective about my career aspirations.”