Hear what our students and alumni have to say about their experience at Royal Roads University.

Donna O'Brien-Sokic, MA in Global Leadership

Donna O'Brien-Sokic

Master of Arts in Global Leadership

“The cohort model allowed me to learn from and work with people from all over Canada – and the world.”
Jon Heathcote, MA In Leadership - Health Specialization

Jon Heathcote

MA in Leadership - Health Specialization

“I acquired a top-quality education, mostly from my own home, while continuing to work full-time”
Chelsea Smith, BA in Global Tourism Management

Chelsea Smith

BA in Global Tourism Management

“I wouldn’t be in the professional environment I am today without my educational background”

Denise Sabet

MA in Intercultural and International Communication

“The faculty remain important influencers in my professional and academic life”
Cavell Boone

Cavell Boone

MA in Conflict Analysis and Management

“My program provided specific knowledge to zero in on my chosen field of practice”
Vanessa Bell, BSc Environmental Management

Vanessa Bell

BSc in Environmental Management

“The program's given me professional credibility, opening doors that would have otherwise been closed”
Jim Graef

Jim Graef

Master of Business Administration in Executive Management

“I can’t think of a better way to organize a program designed for working professionals”
Nicholas White, BA in Professional Communication Student

Nicholas White

BA in Professional Communication

“I feel the skills I’ve gained are applicable to a range of industries.”
Andrew Young, MA Environmental Education & Communication

Andrew Young

MA in Environmental Education and Communication

“I enjoyed the variety of learners, cultures, and ideas all working together.”
Sukhdip Sidhu, MSc in Environmental Practice

Sukhdip Sidhu

MSc in Environmental Practice

“The online program gave me the ability to work at my own pace in my own space.”
Brin Hamilton

Brin Hamilton

MA in Conflict Analysis and Management

“Some of my most significant learnings came from my peers”
Daniele Lafrance, MSc Environmental Practice

Daniele Lafrance

MSc in Environmental Practice

“Working with students across time zones was challenging, but the online platform made it possible”
Michael Munro, Master of Global Management Student

Michael Munro

Master of Global Management

“The MGM program has awoken within me a dormant passion for learning.”
Nicol Suhr, MA Environmental Education & Communication

Nicol Suhr

MA in Environmental Education and Communication

“I developed a new worldview that is sustainable and personally fulfilling.”
Sylwia Knapczyk, Master of Global Management Student

Sylwia Knapczyk

Master of Global Management

“This is one of the best things you can do.”
Chris Locker BA Justice Studies

Chris Locker

BA in Justice Studies

“My degree is not only prestigious, but life changing.”