Daniele Lafrance

Master of Science in Environmental Practice

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The online platform was easy to use and course outlines made it simple to read ahead.

“Royal Roads University was appealing to me because the Master of Science in Environmental Practice program was available entirely online. For me, balancing my personal and professional lives with school was very important, and the opportunity to remotely attend classes and workshops made that much easier. 

For an entirely online program, you truly get out of it what you put in. Attending the online courses helps you connect with fellow students, as does actively participating in lectures and asking questions; even listening to the recordings afterwards if you can’t log in on time is valuable. The online platform was easy to use, the course outlines we were provided in advance made it possible to prepare for busy weeks by reading ahead, and the online chats and classes helped me get to know my fellow students without actually meeting any of them in person. Despite the experience being completed entirely online, I felt I was a valued part of the student body.”