Program Description

The Graduate Diploma in Interdisciplinary Studies consists of six courses. These include the three core courses of the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies program as well as three elective courses which you may choose from the different graduate programs at Royal Roads University. The diploma allows you to obtain a solid foundation in interdisciplinary studies and to focus on an area of study directly of interest to you (eg. leadership, humanitarian studies, communication, environment, business, etc.)

Program Design and Model

A total of 18 credits make up the entirety of the diploma program. These courses can be completed online, or if you choose, you can include blended courses (online courses coupled with on-campus learning).

Royal Roads University online courses are not independent studies or correspondence courses; they are paced courses with deadlines for assignments and, more importantly, require interaction to foster the fruitful exchange of ideas that makes virtual communities thrive. It is recommended that working professionals take no more than one online course at a time as each course can require up to 20 hours of work per week.

Our blended courses are a combination of online instruction and short residency on campus (typically two to three weeks in length).

Learning Outcomes

Royal Roads University works with an outcomes-based learning model. Learning outcomes are clear, plain language descriptors of knowledge and performance tasks that students demonstrate in order to successfully complete a program.

Within the Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Studies, there are five key learning outcome domains:

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Communication
  3. Research
  4. Knowledge
  5. Professional Skills & Practice

Using learning outcomes helps to clarify a program’s focus, helps students connect their program to their workplace, provides a focus for assessment/evaluation, and helps employers understand the benefits of the program.

Upon satisfactory completion of the courses, students will be granted a Graduate Diploma in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Who It's For

Students in this program come from across Canada and around the globe seeking a graduate credential to gain applied research skills and acquire subject-specific knowledge. The diploma offers a combination of social science breadth and personal professional focus.

Applicants who do not have the formal academic education to qualify for admission may be assessed on the basis of both their formal education and their informal learning, in accordance with the Flexible Admission Process. Applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please visit our program admission page.

Laddering Options

Students who wish to continue their studies towards completion of the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies may do so through the laddering process.

Students may apply to transfer to the MA while still in the diploma program. Space may be limited, so the ability to transfer is not guaranteed. Those who do decide to transfer will only receive the highest credential or degree upon completion, and will not receive the diploma.

If you graduate from the diploma and then decide you wish to continue and take the Master’s program, you must formally apply to the MA program.