Stories from abroad scholarship

Value: $1,000
Special Audience: 
Study Abroad

Students enrolled in a study abroad program taking place between January and August 2018 can apply for a $1,000 Stories from Abroad Scholarship.

The scholarship recipient will be expected to provide the following content to be posted on th BC Study Abroad blog:

  • One 300-400 word blog post (with a photo) pre-departure
  • One 300-400 word blog post (with a photo) throughout the duration of the study abroad program
  • One 300-400 word blog post (with a photo) once the study abroad program has finished and the student has returned to BC
  • 8-10 high resolution photos (in JPEG format) upon completion of the student’s study abroad program. In an accompanying Word document, supply the following information for each photo: Image File Name, Location (Geotag), Caption
  • A short presentation at the student's home institution once back in BC

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

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