New Relationship Trust Scholarship

Special Audience: 
Indigenous or Metis

The New Relationship Trust Foundation and BC First Nations communities realize the importance of education. Interested and eligible BC First Nation students are encouraged to apply for the NRT Foundation Post-Secondary Scholarship Awards. Successful applicants will be eligible for a maximum of four consecutive years of undergraduate post-secondary funding, a maximum of two years at the Master’s level and a maximum of two years for the Doctorate level. Scholarships are awarded annually and students must re-apply for any subsequent years.

Deadline for application submission is early June each year. Please monitor their website for the most accurate competition information.


Post-Secondary scholarships are available to all First Nation students from BC who are planning on attending an accredited post-secondary institution on a full-time basis.

Scholarships are awarded for:

  • Undergraduate;
  • Masters; and
  • Doctorate

Examples of Ineligible Fields of Study:

  • Conferences / symposiums / workshops
  • Professional Fees / schools
  • Education at non-recognized post-secondary institutions
  • Executive / Management programs

Foundation Partnerships

The NRT Foundation works with industry partners to build the capacity of BC First Nations through investments in education. These industry partnerships provide additional funding for specific fields of study to enable the NRT Foundation to award more scholarships and bursaries each year.

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