Indigenous Mentorship Network of the Pacific Northwest Awards & Stipends

Value: $1,000 - $3,000
Special Audience: 
Indigenous or Metis

IMN-PN funding supports Indigenous students and researchers pursuing Indigenous wellness-related research. Students studying in or conducting research in British Columbia or the Yukon are encouraged to apply.

These opportunities are open to all Indigenous students (globally), including First Nations, Métis and Inuit students.

Awards and stipends available for both undergraduate and graduate students including:

  • Research Experience Awards: $1,000 for undergraduate students and $2,000 for graduate students
  • Conference/Community Travel Awards: $1,000 for graduate and post-doctoral students and $4,000 for northern travel
  • Research Expense Stipends: $2,000 for graduate (masters) students and $3,000 for doctoral students

You will need an academic supervisor to support your application. Please review the application instructions prior to contacting your supervisor. If you do not have an academic supervisor please speak with your program head.

To request a verification of enrolment please contact the Financial Aid and Awards office by emailing Allow one week to process your request.

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