First Citizens Bursary

Value: $700 per semester
Special Audience: 
Indigenous or Metis
The First Citizens Fund Bursary Program provides funding to students of Aboriginal ancestry to help support their post secondary education.  It is designed to reward students for successful completion of their term of study.  This small but helpful bursary is distributed to all students who meet the eligibility criteria on a first come, first served basis.


Aboriginal (status, non-status, Metis, and Inuit) post-secondary students that are:

  • In financial need
  • Sponsored and Non-sponsored students
  • Permanent residents in British Columbia for six months or more at the time of application
  • International/U.S. studies are not eligible unless a part of your BC studies and/or program and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Registered full-time in a minimum two-year academic program at any BC recognized post-secondary institution.
    • Full time is considered as follows:
      • undergraduate students, at least 3 full time credit courses per term
      • students with a disability affecting academic performance, a least 2 full credit courses per term
      • Graduate students, a letter from your academic advisor confirming satisfactory progress at a full time level (for a maximum of 3 years for Masters Students, and 5 years for Doctorate students).

Applicant must attain a minimum 2.5 GPA or C+ grade equivalent for each semester that they are eligible for the funding.  They will need to submit grades proving this at the end of each semester.

Please note:  Students will not be eligible for a bursary to repeat a course or academic year for which a bursary has already been received. 

Application Procedure

Students submitting an application must complete the following or will be denied funding:

  1. A completed, signed and dated application form for the proper academic year.
  2. A letter written by the applicant on ancestry, family background, education, employment history, and career or academic goal.
  3. Proof of full-time registration in a BC college or university
  4. A letter of support from a recognized Aboriginal organization.
  5. Supporting evidence of Aboriginal ancestry.
  6. Applicants with a disability that affects academic performance must provide one of the following documents explaining academic performance limitations:
    1. verification of receipt or qualification for federal or provincial assistance for persons with disabilities, or
    2. a medical certificate from a licensed medical practitioner e.g. physician or specialist, or
    3. a learning disability assessment, or
    4. a Verification of Permanent Disability form.  (Note: Medical documentation must be signed and certified by the prescribing medical practitioner
  7. Graduate students must also provide:  an official transcript verifying enrolment, a letter from your academic advisor confirming advisor’s role, full time level and satisfactory progress, advisor contact information, and dated and signed on university letterhead.
  8. Returning Applicants:  You must provide a new, completed application for the academic year and proof of academic enrolment.  

 Any additional information pertaining to the application can be included on a separate page. 

Students who do not submit their official transcripts within one month of their semester's completion, may be ineligible for funding for the academic year.


Monday, December 12, 2016

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