Government Student Loans


COVID Announcement

For student loan study periods that start between August 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021, students in programs defined by RRU as full time* may access full time student loans.

*This excludes BA/BSc in Environmental Practice, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, MA in Climate Action Leadership, MBA program, program extension, and General Studies.

The Province of BC has relaxed eligibility for online programs to maintain access to funding in response to programs shifting to online delivery during the pandemic. Note that this increases eligibility to student loan funding in other provinces as well. Contact with questions or to discuss your eligibility. Please indicate your student number and province of residency in any inquiries.

RRU’s Financial Aid & Awards team provides assistance with your student loan application. This includes providing program information to the provinces, and confirming and monitoring loan eligibility.

Government student loans may be available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Student loan eligibility varies by province and by program. For student loan purposes, residency is defined as the Canadian province in which you have lived most recently for 12 continuous months, excluding any time spent in full-time post-secondary study.

While you can apply for loans up to six weeks before the end of a study period, we advise that you apply well in advance of the program's start so that you can prepare your budget accordingly. Government agencies will request RRU confirm enrollment no earlier than 30 days before the study period start date.


  • RRU will remit student loan funding to pay for tuition only if special arrangements have been made, otherwise funding will be directly paid to the borrower.
  • Borrowers are responsible for deferring tuition if the payment deadline cannot be met. See Tuition Deferral below.


Province Eligibility How to Apply

Full-Time Students in the following programs are eligible to apply for full-time government student loan assistance:

  • BA in Global Tourism Management
  • BA in International Hotel Management
  • BA in Justice Studies
  • BA in Professional Communication
  • BBA in Sustainability & International Business
  • BCom in Entrepreneurial Management
  • BSc in Environmental Science
  • MA in Intercultural and International Communication
  • MA in Tourism Management
  • Master of Global Management

The BA and MA in Interdisciplinary Studies programs may be eligible for full-time student loans depending on course load and course selection. Please contact Financial Aid and Awards for more information.

Apply online at StudentAid BC

IMPORTANT: Use the Student Loan Study Period Guide to assist you in applying for a loan to help avoid any unnecessary delays in administering your application and funding.

Part-time Students enrolled in programs not listed above may qualify for a part-time Canada Student Loan of up to $10,000. Please note that this eligibilty is being reviewed by StudentAid BC and may not be available for study periods that start after August 1, 2019.

Contact Financial Aid & Awards for more information.
Alberta & Ontario Alberta and Ontario follow BC's full time student loan eligibility. If you are an Alberta or Ontario resident taking one of the programs listed above you can apply for a full-time student loan through your provincial student financial assistance website. Apply online at your provincial student financial assistance website.
Other Provinces & Territories

Residents of all other provinces and territories: Please contact Financial Aid & Awards for more information about student loan eligibility.

Apply online at your provincial student financial assistance website.

Tuition Deferral

Submit a Tuition Deferral Form if you are waiting on approved student loan funding to pay tuition. Be sure to submit your deferral request before each affected tuition installment is due.

Interest-free Status

Students enrolled in programs listed as full-time above may be eligible to place previous student loans into interest- and payment-free status during studies.

Full Time Students

Your previous student loan lenders will automatically be notified of your return to full-time studies if...

  • you apply for a new full-time student loan, and
  • you will receive your funding before your loan enters repayment, and
  • you are applying to the same province/territory as your previous full-time student loan

You must notify your student loan lender* of your return to studies if...

  • you are returning to full-time studies but are not applying for a student loan, or
  • you are applying for a full-time loan through a different province/territory then your previous loan

*Refer to your provincial/territorial financial assistance website for instructions on how to apply for interest free status.

Part-time Students

Confirm your enrolment using the National Student Loan Service Centre's online services to place previous part-time loans on interest-free status.

National Student Loan Service Centre

Manage your loan online here through the National Student Loan Service Centre.

The National Student Loans Service Centre is now on YouTube! Check out their channel for more information on the support they offer borrowers throughout their student loan experience.