Transformational Change: A New Approach to Canadian Policing

What will you learn

This webinar explores the current Canadian Policing climate and offer ways to create transformational change in the police force. In a study examining change readiness in the Canadian police sector, Duxbury et al. (2018) concluded that barriers to change were primarily internal to the police service, with police culture being a powerful one. These findings provide insight into why transformational change has failed to occur, even when there is a desire and commitment by police leaders. Police organizations cannot transform themselves on their own.

The session is hosted by Dr. Tam Pozzobon, M.O.M, Program Head of the Master of Arts in Leadership, and Dr. Michael Young, Program Head of the Master and Bachelor in Justice Studies. Experts in the policing field such as Roger Chaffin O.O.M, Todd Preston, and Dr. John Lilley joined them in this relevant and powerful discussion.