Courageous leadership can transform the world

Climate change. Sustainability. Racism. Poverty. As a leader you are expected to do more than pay attention to the triple bottom line. You are expected to engage and inspire your organization and community to tackle some of the world's most difficult problems.

The School of Leadership Studies has a mission of fostering the imagination, capacity and courage to lead in extraordinary times.

What to expect

Our graduate-level degree, diploma or certificate programs offer you challenging and collaborative education in a transdisciplinary environment.

The School of Leadership currently offers programs related to:

  • multi-sectoral leadership
  • health leadership
  • global leadership
  • values-based leadership
  • executive leadership

We connect scholarship with practice to change the world, one leader at a time.

  • Understand the convergence of values, principles, ethics, evidence, analysis and action in leadership.
  • Learn to lead teams, communicate effectively and resolve conflict.
  • Focus on organizational culture and change to drive innovation and effectiveness.
  • Enhance your capacity for self-awareness, adaptability and resilience.
  • As a global leader, understand social-political and economic systems and how to communicate in an intercultural context.