Communication Matters

Over these last months, there have been more changes in our workplace and society than imaginable. Our ability to communicate with clarity and impact as well as understand how culture influences how we receive new information has never been more essential than it is right now. Join faculty from the School of Communication and Culture as they explore various facets of society and culture as well as the communication challenges and opportunities that have emerged from our current situation.

Intercultural Communication in Turbulent Times

Recent years have seen the further rise in the public sphere of movements such as Indigenous resurgence and Black Lives Matter to acknowledge and address longstanding, institutionally entrenched racial injustices in Canada and beyond. Join our expert panelists to learn how we can navigate and negotiate the many challenges faced by people seeking to depolarize heated dialogue and continue the important work of resisting and rectifying racial injustices, informed by principles of intercultural communication.

  • Date: Thursday, October 29, 2020
  • Time:  12 pm - 1 pm (Pacific Time)

What’s in a Frame? Communicating in a Polarized, ‘Changing’ Climate

Join Dr. Geo Takach for a lively presentation that explores the rising controversy over how we talk about ‘climate’ in public discourse and how we can inspire action through dialogue, despite polarized views on environmental concerns facing the world today.

  • Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
  • Time:  12 pm - 1 pm (Pacific Time)


Intercultural Dialogues: Creating a Multicultural Learning Community Online

This webinar explores how COVID-19 has changed how we communicate, interact, and learn and how we can build a multicultural learning community online. View recording

Crisis Communication Planning: Effective Problem-Solving in Crisis Management

In this webinar, we discussed ways to increase our ability to problem solve in crisis situations. View recording 

Unmasking the Pandemic: Masks as a Visual Metaphor of COVID-19

This webinar explores otherness, contagion, and identity through the act of wearing or not wearing a mask. View recording

Building a Resilient and Thriving Organizational Culture

In this webinar, we discuss ways you can promote wellness within your organization and your life. View recording

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