Dale article receives international award for excellence

November 21, 2018
Cindy MacDougall

A journal article written by Prof. Ann Dale of the School of Environment and Sustainability and co-writers has received an award for excellence from an international climate change journal.

The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses, a scholarly journal published by Common Ground Research Networks, selected the article “Climate Action Co-benefits and Integrated Community Planning” by Prof. Dale, Dr. Robert Newell and Prof. Mark Roseland for its International Award for Excellence.

Dale is an environmental activist and innovator who has received national and international recognition for her research in sustainable community development, serving as Royal Roads’ Canada Research Chair in this field for 10 years. Newell works with Dale as a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Environment and Sustainability at Royal Roads. Roseland is director of the School of Community Resources and Development at Arizona State University and senior sustainability scientist with the ASU Global Institute of Sustainability. He is the former director of the Centre for Sustainable Development at Simon Fraser University.