Stephens on Canada and China's canola dispute

September 2, 2016
Vancouver Sun
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School of Business associate faculty member Hugh Stephens’ opinion piece about Canada and China’s canola dispute was published in the Vancouver Sun.

Here is an excerpt:

“The news that Canada and China have come to an interim agreement to postpone the imposition of new standards for importing canola seed, due to take effect on Sept. 1, and to continue discussions on the issue is welcome.

However, resolving this issue will not be easy and I doubt the Chinese will simply back down. At the risk of being accused of being a heretic, panda-hugger or unpatriotic Canadian, I have to admit I am unconvinced by the argument that the current dispute has been cooked up by the Chinese as a trade irritant to put Canada on the back foot, just at the time Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is landing in China for his first official visit.”

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