Researchers share study on youth at risk of homelessness

October 15, 2019
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Pique Newsmagazine featured a story on Royal Roads researchers’ multi-year study with Zero Ceiling, a Whistler non-profit dedicated to fighting youth homelessness. Prof. Jo Axe and Assoc. Prof. Kathleen Manion presented findings from the second year of their study.

Here is an excerpt:

What emerged time and again from participants was the sense of belonging Zero Ceiling provided, something that was often lacking in their lives up to that point.

"Making up for what's lost in families, that's what resonated across a number of pieces of literature that I looked at and it's something that does come out with Zero Ceiling," said researcher Dr. Kathleen Manion. "Giving that little sense of trust and that person who cares about them is so incredibly impactful."

This story was featured in Pique Newsmagazine.