Prasad and Fernando on culture of silence in sex-based harassment

January 9, 2019
The Conversation
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In her article, “The culture of silence that allows harassment in the workplace to continue,” Warwick Business School Assoc. Prof. Dulini Fernando elucidates the stories of women who have suffered workplace sex-based harassment in many industries. She worked with Canada Research Chair Ash Prasad from Royal Roads’ School of Business to understand how silencing can occur.

Here’s an excerpt:

The focus was on academia – an industry which witnessed a surge of reported cases of sex-based harassment especially between the years 2014-16. [....]

There were three barriers that victims encountered when they started to speak about experiences of sex-based harassment: First, they were told they had to prove that their experience was uncommon and significant; second, they were expected to ‘trust the system’ to resolve their issues; and third, they faced severe consequences, such as a damaged reputation, when they challenged the system.

This article first appeared on The Conversation, and was reprinted in the Sri Lanka’s Business Daily.