Global National live broadcast on campus

September 27, 2019
Global National
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Global National with Dawna Friesen broadcast live from Royal Roads University Thursday, Sept. 26, as part of as cross-country tour covering issues important to Canadians.

The broadcast at Royal Roads focused on Canadians’ views on climate action. As part of the coverage, anchor Dawna Friesen interviewed a new class of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science students.

Here is an excerpt:

“At Royal Roads University, these students have come from all over the country to study in environmental science.

 Emily Dreher is from Manitoba...

“I know [the Liberals] want to reduce 30 per cent [greenhouse gas emissions] by 2030 and be zero emissions by 2050, so I think they are starting to get an understanding of that. I know the Green Party wants to reduce it by 60 per cent, so it’s nice to see them driving it even further.”

Watch the full Global newscast.