Cox talks climate on Charles Adler Tonight

September 26, 2019
Charles Adler Tonight
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National radio program Charles Adler Tonight broadcast live from Royal Roads University Sept. 26 as part of as cross-country tour covering issues important to Canadians. The broadcast at Royal Roads focused on Canadians’ views on climate action.

Charles Adler’s featured guest was School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Robin Cox, director of the ResiliencebyDesign Research Innovation Lab. Cox and Adler discussed on how people can adapt their thinking and behaviour to the reality of the climate crisis.

Here is an excerpt:

“Part of building resilience is to come to a place where we acknowledge what is going on, the fear and grief and anxiety… and then work together to say ‘but what can I do?’

“Focus on what is the world that we want to have, that we want our children to have… and then start working towards the solutions that bring about that world, rather than focusing only on the fear itself.”

Listen to the full interview on Charles Adler Tonight, beginning at 9:48.