Bowl may be foreign, but it’s still Super to us

February 1, 2015
Times Colonist
Cleve Dheensaw
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"The tentacles of the sports industry reach everywhere and run deep," writes Cleve Dheensaw in the Times Colonist

In an article about the appeal and impact of the big game in Victoria, Dheensaw interviews School of Communication and Culture Prof. Michael Real.

An excerpt from the story:

Royal Roads professor Real did one of the first academic studies of the Super Bowl 40 years ago when he wrote a research piece on it for the Journal of Communication while teaching at University of California-San Diego. It was a pioneering work.

“Four decades ago, the Super Bowl was already the largest annual media and advertising event on the continent,” said Real. “When people asked me then if it could get any bigger, I couldn’t have imagined how. But it keeps growing and getting larger. Even the coin toss is now a sponsored part of the broadcast.”

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