Black on COVID-19 skepticism and government powers

April 13, 2020
Global News and CFAX 1070
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Communication and Culture Assoc. Prof. David Black was interviewed for Global News about skepticism and government powers in relation to a small group of protesters calling for an end to physical-distancing restrictions. He was also featured on CFAX 1070 about how well the government has done at communicating to the public during COVID-19.

Here is an excerpt from the Global News interview:

David Black, a political communications expert at Royal Roads University in Victoria, said in abnormal times such as war, people suspend routine democratic politics to a degree.

The public should be cautious when government grants itself unusual powers in a crisis, Black said, but such a move has precedent in Canada and around the world, as long as it’s understood to be temporary and subject to oversight.

“When skepticism of government might well lead people to making stupid decisions about social distancing, that’s where videos like this, apart from their counter-intuitive appeal, pose a public-health risk,” he said.

The interviews were featured on Global News and CFAX 1070.