Alumni Chat - Year End Social

Timezone: PST

Alumni event


This year has continued to provide us with many opportunities for reflection and response. Perhaps more importantly, it has taught us what we are capable of, and how we can come together when we need to, support and care for one another, and strive to be more tomorrow, than we were today.

We'd like to invite you to join your fellow alumni on December 8 for a chance to connect, reflect and share at our year-end social via Zoom. During our round table discussions, we hope you will make connections with your RRU colleagues from around the world and find ways to work together and champion one another's work. It is our experience, having met and followed so many of you now, that when you get together, great things tend to happen!

Please bring a glass of your favourite beverage to toast some year-end cheer. We can't wait to see you all then! You know there will be fun and prizes!