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Thomas Homer-Dixon


Adjunct Professor


Environment and Sustainability


Thomas Homer-Dixon is an adjunct professor with the School of Environment and Sustainability and the founder and director of the Cascade Institute at Royal Roads University. He also holds a University Research Chair in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo. Between 2009 and 2014, he was founding director of the Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation.

His research is focused on threats to global security in the 21st century, including economic instability, climate change, and energy scarcity and on how people, organizations, and societies can better resolve their conflicts and innovate in response to complex problems.


Alongside his teaching, lecturing and research activities, Homer-Dixon is a prolific author. His books include The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity, and the Renewal of Civilization; The Ingenuity Gap: Can We Solve the Problems of the Future?; and Environment, Scarcity, and Violence. His writing has appeared in Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Scientific American, The New York Times, the Financial Times, the Washington Post, and the Globe and Mail.


Homer-Dixon holds a PhD in International Relations, Defense and Arms Control Policy and Conflict Theory from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1989) and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Carleton University (1980).


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