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Ann Dale


Director, Program Head and Professor


Environment and Sustainability


Ann Dale held her university’s first Canada Research Chair (2004-2014), is a Trudeau Alumna (2004), and a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Sciences. Her research focuses on climate pollution, governance, sustainable community development, social capital and agency, as well as novel research dissemination tools and techniques, including research curation. She led a twelve-year research project on climate innovations in BC communities in partnership with UBC, SFU and Washington State University. Professor Dale is a recognized leader in virtual real-time conversations and the production of useful knowledge for decision-makers through developing evidence-based policy agendas. She also leads a national biodiversity education program using social media channels to increase public literacy leading to actions on the ground.


Professor Dale brings extensive government experience to her teaching and research with expertise in machinery of government issues, strategic policy development and communication strategies. A former executive in the Federal Government she was one of the two civil servants behind the creation of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy; and worked on special assignments including the creation of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the Privy Council, the Task Forces on Natural Resource Reform and Regulatory Affairs, and the Treasury Board.


Volunteer of the Year, Nature Canada, 2019

Canada’s Most Powerful Women, Top 100, Sun Life Financial Traiblazers and Trendsetters (2016)

CUFA Paz Buttedahl Distinguished Career Academic Award (2014)

Canada Council for the Arts, Molson Prize for the Social Sciences (2013)

Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development (2004-2014)

2009 Bissett Award for Distinctive Contributions to the Public Sector

Trudeau Fellow, May 2004 to April, 2007

Profiles as one of the top 25 minds in British Columbia, BC Business Magazine (June 2002)

Policy Research Initiative Award for Outstanding Research Contribution to Public Policy for her first book, At the Edge: Sustainable Development in the 21st Century (2001)

PhD, Natural Resources Sciences, Dean’s Honour List, McGill University (1999)

M.A., Public Administration, Carleton University (1994)

B.A. Psychology, Carleton University, (1975)



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