Campus refresh projects

You'll often see us working to beautify and restore parts of our spectacular campus. Some of those projects have a particularly strong connection to our military history, and are often supported by donations to the Military Heritage Fund.

2020: Mast site refresh project

We worked on the area that is directly connected to the historic Mast, addressing some layout challenges, and updating fixed materials in sections of the Mast site footprint.

We installed a complete concrete paver border, and used granite paverstones to enhance the area next to the marble compass dial.

We also moved stones to improve symmetry, cleaned up the finish granite sections and levelled stones to make the area safer and more accessible.

The changes made a big impact to the overall appearance of the site, which has become a symbol of the resilience of our military ex-cadets.

2019: Museum refresh project

We worked to create a showcase for artifacts in the ex-cadet section of the museum in the basement of Hatley Castle.

We installed new lighting, display cabinets, paint and flooring. At the same time, we revised and enhanced the interpretative signs and displays.

The changes let visitors see the stories of ex-cadets in — literally — a new light.

2019: Grant lobby refresh

We refreshed the lobby area of the Grant building with updates that let us highlight the growing collection of heritage displays that we keep in this area.

Besides removing some outdated fixed furniture, we installed new flooring and display lighting. We also painted the walls and prepared them to support brass plaques honouring academic excellence, as well as future displays.

Now, those who attend events, gatherings or exams on the Grant Quarterdeck are welcomed by colourful glimpses of our historic past.

2017: Mast site pathway

As part of our enhancement of the Mast site area, we continued the concrete paverstone pathway to the centre mast area, replacing the gravel pathways that had been there previously.

Now, you'll find a smooth stroll as you walk towards the Mast, with a pathway that is walker and wheelchair-friendly.

Refer to the campus map if you would like to visit these sites.